Presented at Vinitaly 2018, the Limited Edition bottle to celebrate Villa Russiz's 150th anniversary

16 april 2018

To celebrate this important anniversary, a Limited Edition 150th Anniversary celebration bottle has been created. Only 1,000 bottles will be produced with a special label that is handwritten by expert calligraphers from Scriptorium Foroiuliense, the cultural association that represents the ancient art of calligraphy. Each bottle will be a precious unique piece, with a customised label that is hand written with the utmost elegance and sophisticated refinement and supreme artistic value thanks to a wonderful collaboration with this cultural association in 2012. The association is located in San Daniele del Friuli (UD), it organizes amanuensis calligraphy courses and creates personalized manuscripts.

The first bottle was dedicated to Casa Elvine, a splendid structure covering 500 square meters. It accommodates 16 minors, in an environment equipped with every comfort and spaces dedicated to training and recreation.

Apart from the prized bottle, what was the natural choice for wine to celebrate 150 years in business? An incredible Sauvignon Blanc. A very special wine as only the most beautiful bunches in the best Sauvignon bunches were carefully selected for the 2013 vintage. Extraordinary care was taken during the harvest to choose bunches with diverse skin tonality to create an ample and sumptuous array of flavours and aromas. After skilful ageing in oak casks, the wine spent some time in steel vats and then rested in the bottle for 8 months. A perfect journey to create a celebratory Sauvignon for this important anniversary.

Its aromatic pungency counterbalances its stimulating saltiness, making it the perfect partner for vegetarian dishes. It is sublime with fish and crustaceans including raw. Distinctive green aromas of olive, peppers and fennel, mature and harmonious in nature, blend in a compact and variegated bouquet. The vegetal aromas are matched with notes of lily of the valley and bergamot and a symphony of fruits such as lime, mandarin and green apple with tropical perfumes such as passionfruit and papaya.

Good mineral quality, freshness and aromatic depth, with a rotundity and a degree of fatness that tends towards dried fruit, cooked apple and figs. To be served in tulip glasses, at a temperature of 10-12 degrees to exalt its freshness and highlight its aroma and body.