“La Calcina John Ruskin Literary Award”

21 may 2018

Thursday May 24th, 2018, the award ceremony of the “Premio Letterario La Calcina John Ruskin – Scrivere di Architettura” / “La Calcina John Ruskin Literary Award” will be held at the Ateneo Veneto (Venice, IT). At its first edition, the award is established by Hotel-Ristorante La Calcina and RO.SA.M. Association. The prize’s name origins from the English art critic John Ruskin (1819-1900), one of the most influential figures for Victorian English architecture of the 19th century. During his various trips to Venice, Ruskin lodged at La Calcina Hotel, where he started working on his three-volume book “The Stones of Venice”, a revisitation of the contemporary Venetian civilization, of its artistic and urban luster.

Organized during the Architecture Biennale of Venice, this award’s aim is to give credit to the authors who have been able to enhance urban architecture with charm and clarity through their writings. It’s addressed to who wrote about the city, especially the city of Venice, not only in its complexity and historical-artistic terms, but also considering contemporary themes: the coexistence between new and ancient, the coexistence in a modern city of the need of preserving and the needs of development.

At 5:00PM on Thursday May 24th, the official award ceremony will take place at the Ateneo Veneto. The next day, Friday 25th at the Hotel La Calcina, there will be a tasting of a selection of the Villa Russiz wines.