Tre Bicchieri to Chardonnay Gräfin De La Tour 2014

12 october 2018

The Gräfin De La Tour 2014 joins Friuli Venezia Giulia wines Olympus and is awarded the Tre Bicchieri of Guida Vini d'Italia 2019 Gambero Rosso thanks to its exceptional organoleptic characteristics. The slightly golden yellow color with light green reflections, the intense aroma of ripe apple, vanilla and citrus fruit that blend perfectly with each other and a very decisive, balanced complexity in the mouth. The wine comes from the harvest of the vineyards around the business center, arranged entirely south on a completely marl soil. The fermentation and aging in wood, careful and precise, make the wine unique for grace and power.

The Gräfin De La Tour is perfect for well-structured first courses, ideal with noble cuts of white meats and goes well with fish too.