"Mille ottimi motivi per esserci" Villa Russiz among the protagonists of the event organized by AIS Friuli Venezia Giulia

16 november 2018

The Italian Sommelier Association, Friuli section, organizes the tasting "Mille Ottimi Motivi Per Esserci" at Il Folador a Merlana in Trivignano Udinese. At the tasting tables there are 85 producers from the region who will present 500 wines. For the guests it will be possible to taste the excellent wines awarded by the Guida Vitae 2019. Villa Russiz present the Sauvignon De La Tour 2017 which has been awarded by the AIS Commission with the highest recognition Quattro Viti for its exceptional characteristics: straw yellow with clear green reflections, intensely fragrant, reminiscent of peach and elderberry, with hints of grapefruit and exotic fruit, full bodied and elegant on the palate.