DOC Collio

grape variety

100% Tocai Friulano


Perfectly ripened grapes are hand harvested during the chilly early hours of the day. The bunches are then quickly carried to the cellar where they are gently pressed. Bottled 8-9 months after harvest.

tasting notes

Pale straw with greenish tints. Strong and round taste, with a characteristic note of bitter almonds, chamomile and wildflowers. Slightly lower acidity than the other whites in the range.

food and wine pairings

Perfect with Prosciutto di S. Daniele, splendid with vegetables, particularly in spring: asparagus, nettles, hops, and campion, in a risotto or open-faced omelette. Also goes very well with crustaceans such as mantis shrimp, shrimp, scampi and lobster, having sufficient mineral content to underline their flavour.