Les Enfants


I.G.T. della Venezia Giulia

grape variety

Blend of 50 % Pinot Grigio, 25% Pinot Bianco, 20% Ribolla Gialla and 5% Sauvignon


Harvested by hand. Soft press of whole grapes followed by fermentation in temperature controller stainless steel vats. The wines are blended after fermentation. Bottled 8-9 months after harvest.

tasting notes

Pinot Grigio gives the fruity fragrance of peach and pear, Pinot Bianco makes it round and creamy, Ribolla Gialla gives minerality and acidity; and Sauvignon completes it with a fine buquet leaving persistant notes of white peach.

food and wine pairings

A fine aperitif, it goes well with fried seafood, soup or broth; outstanding with simple fish dishes.