Sauvignon Bleu


DOC Collio

grape variety

100% Sauvignon


When fully ripe, the grapes are hand picked in the coolest hours of the morning. They quickly reach the cellar, where the whole grapes are lightly pressed. The freerun must produced is first decanted and then collected for fermentation and aging in oak barrels for around 18 months. Then is blended in stainless steel tanks and remains for at least 4 months, before being bottled. The course finishes with an aging of 8 months in bottle.

tasting notes

Refined and trembling to the nose with typical smell of Sauvignon Blanc, white flesh peach, white flowers and light tomatoes leaf. It is an exciting wine to the palate, strong mineral taste, freshness, savoury is well coordinated by the skilful use of wood that does not mask the characteristics of the varietal but rather exalts, and is right in the after taste that can be perceived sharply the notes of this classic varietal, leaving in mouth flavours and sensations very persistent.

food and wine pairings

Sushi, elaborate dishes made with fatty fish such as tuna or salmon, dried salt cod.